Minggu, 05 Januari 2014

~WheLL~KLinZ ~ Part 2 - Club House

The 2nd Part of Wk's Story is about Club House .

Each Club House has their own capacity of member who can join the club.
After make some deposit to our Club Bank, we make a vote to choose which House we want to purchase.
And the final choice is Special House - Shooting Star House which can accept 70 players inside with 1 Master of Club ( Leader ) and 7 officers.
The Price is 100 Million Den
Even we had much Dens from garden, but because of new wedding and still few member, it takes some times to deposit and build the House.
But At Least we have an House.

Later when we've got very ...very... much dens, we purchase another house.
The Royal House - Peony Palace 200 Million Den that can accept 100 players inside and able to promote 10 officers.

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