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~WheLL~KLinZ~ Part 1 - History of The CLub Name

Finally, I decided to post some short story bout my Club, ehm.. Audition Club..
This part is about the History of the Club name ^^ .

The name of my ( our ) Club is ~WheLL~KLinZ~
It'snt easy to create a club for a new player like us ( that time )
We have to wait until someone ( among us ) get leveling to 21 and must have 10M ( Million of course )
10M isnt easy when you just 'normal' player or newbie.
There is some ways to get lot of money ( den )
Umm.. I only remember 2 ways.
The first way is you have to play Battle Party Mode. Not that easy huhh... we need to finish it about 3 rounds.
More den you want to get, more high ( fast ) bpm you should played. So?
Let's move to 2nd way,

We can get married to our couple.
Once we get married, we unlocked couple garden.
We need to plant any seed there ( garden ) and we also need to do garden rake and watering the plants.
The garden crops will give some bag of dens, loves and gifts.
It's an easy way to get much den from couple garden.

Back to Club Story.
This Club is Created on July 09th, 2012 by Wel, when she reach her level 21.
When she was tried to create a club, we stuck with the Club Name.
It has some term for the long and the letter character.
After had some discuss for some hours ( it took many hours LoL )
We deal to create this Club with the name " ~WheLL~KLinZ~"

Kinda strange name? what's the meaning of that name?
Whell sound like wheel? Klinz sound like Clean?
There's no meaning for the sure...
The idea is come from the former of this Club
Wel + Hell ( WheLL) & Kine + Linze (KLinZ )
Later we call it WK for simple pronounciation.

Thats All About History of ~WheLL~KLinZ~ Name.

The Former of WK

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