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Mermaid in the Dragon Village

In a remote village named Dragon Village, there lies a vast sea. The sea is very clean and soothing, but it doesn’t produce any fish. There is no one who can find even just a fish in the Dragon Sea. The villagers think that fishes can’t live in the sea because there are a dragons which eat the fishes. The Dragon Sea is flowing the Dragon River by which it is irrigation for their rice fields, so that their fields are fertile and their lives are prosperous.
“Dad, what if we buy some fishes from the front village and we look after them all? So we don’t need to keep buying fishes to eat.” Suggest Kyo, a young Dragon Villagers. “Where could we look after the fishes, my son? We don’t have any place for it. Since long time ago, there were many fishes released to the river and the sea but they never appear again. I don’t know what happened. It’s just weird.” The father explained. Kyo becomes curious of this problem.
Then Kyo decides to buy some fishes and release it in the sea. Kyo is waiting for the fishes. He believes that there must be something making the fishes disappear and the dragon mustn’t be the eater. Until mid-night time, the fishes are still there. Suddenly in the water there appears a long ray. Kyo hides behind a tree and spies on the ray. “Is it really the dragon?”, asks Kyo by heart. Suddenly from the water, the ray appears and resembles a beautiful young lady with a long black hair covering a half of her body.
“Who’s the lady? Why is she swimming till this late night?”, asks Kyo by heart. Then there appears a big fish from the water, “I’m afraid that the big fish will eat the lady”. Then without any doubt, Kyo comes and shouts at the lady, “Watch out, my lady, there is a big fish behind you!” When he plunks into the river, the lady is surprised and screaming out. The young man is surprised that the tail of the big fish is hers.
“Wh…what?? You are a fish?” Asks Kyo in surprise. “Hm.. “ the lady just slowly nods her head. “Are you a mermaid?” asks Kyo again. “Hm..” Again, the lady just nods her head. “Ah..So mermaids really exist?” Asks Kyo unbelievingly. “Certainly”, asks the girl. “Eh..you can even talk..!” asks Kyo surprisingly. “Yes” “So, did you eat all of the fishes in the river and in the sea?” “No way! I may not kill my brothers and sisters!” She answers. “So, where have all fishes gone so far? Do you know the cause?” “Of course I know”, answers the mermaid. “Is this problems related to the Dragon?” “The Dragon? The Dragon is the guardian of this village, isn’t it? Why do you suspect it? What if the dragon hears about this? It will be offended.” She explains.
“So the dragon really exists too. I thought it is only a legend.” Kyo says. “You have said that. Actually, I’m the one who makes them go home.” The mermaid explains. “Home? Where?” “Of course in the Mermaid Palace”. “The Mermaid Palace? Where is it?” “It’s a secret.” “Why is it a secret?”
“Because you are a human being.” “What’s wrong if I’m a human?” asks Kyo confusingly.” If human beings know where we are, they will hunt and kill us.” The mermaid explains. “Oh I see.., but I just wonder where mermaid lives.” Kyo explains. “Are you really curious? Okay, I tell this only to you. But please promise me you won’t tell anything, it is a secret. You mustn’t tell anything about our meeting and what you will see later.” Asks the mermaid. “Ok, don’t worry, I promise.” Kyo says. Then the mermaid asks Kyo to close his eyes and suddenly they are in the sea. Magically, Kyo who is ordinary man becomes able to breathe in the sea water. Kyo is amazed of what he has just experienced. While they are swimming, Kyo looks at the mermaid’s beautiful face. He imagines if only she was a human, he would marry her. Several minutes later, there appears a building on the sea base. The big building is the Mermaid Palace. Then they enter the building. Kyo sees many fishes swimming around the building.
“Princess, who is coming with you? Is he a human?”, asks a male mermaid. Kyo is surprised that there also exists male mermaid. “You’re right, he’s a human?” the Princess answers. “So, why do you taking him here?” asks her dad.
“He is curious about where all fishes disappeared, dad. That’s why I’m taking him here. Don’t worry Dad, he is a good person, he has promised not to tell about the secret of this place.” Explains the beautiful mermaid. “Princess, don’t you know our rules? Mermaids can’t get along with males. You have got along with him on the way back home.” Explain her dad. “I know dad, but he’s just a human, not a male mermaid, who has to marry me if he gets along with me.” Answers the mermaid.
“However, he’s still a male.” The privy counselor explains. “So, what must I do?” asks the Princess. “Marry him!” asks the privy counselor. “But, he’s only a human who can’t stand living in the sea for a very long time. And I’m just a fish. It is impossible for a human willing to marry me.” Explain the Princess. All persons keep silent. Kyo is confused of what is happening. “Why could it be like this? I come just to see the missing fishes.” Kyo is murmuring. How beauty is the mermaid princess, none of the girls in the village can be compared with, why can’t I marry her? There’s nothing wrong even she’s a fish, but what about after the marriage?
“Your majesty King of Mermaid, please allow me to ask you questions.” Kyo says.
“Please don’t be hesitated you human.” Answers the King.
“ If, I willing to marry the princess, may I take her to live with me on the land?” Asks Kyo.
“If you human marry the princess, She’ll be yours, and that will be your rights, but will the princess be able to live on the dry land?” Explains the king.
“You’re right..” Kyo said. “If the princess is willing to live on the land, then you may ask the dragon, because the dragon has many ability and able to help you.” Explained the counselor.

“I’m willing to live with my husband on the land with one condition that my husband with all the member of the family shall never eat fish anymore.” Explains the princess of mermaid. “Very well then, if it’s your demand, I will accept that” Answered Kyo.
Then both of them were marriage on the palace, after that they go to see the dragon.
“Dragon, we come to ask you a favor.” Says the princess.
“What is that?” Ask the dragon. “I’ve been married the princess of mermaid, but I am a human and willing to take my wife to live on the land. Would you help us?” Asks Kyo. “ And of course, I’m willing to do anything.” Claimed Kyo.
“Really” “But of course there are some conditions you must fill.” Says the dragon.
“What are those, sir?” Asks the princess
“Someday, in any kind of condition, don’t ever tell the truth to the others that your wife is a fish and don’t ever call her a fish in any chance, because the punishment will be yours if you do.” Explains the dragon seriously.
Kyo agrees to all those condition because he thinks that were too easy. Then they were back to the land, and suddenly the fish tail of the princess change into feet as they touch the land. Then Kyo take her home to see his parents. His parents pretty surprised to see the girl because they have a beautiful daughter in law. Kyo arranges a story that he found the girl nearby the beach when he was waiting for the fishes. With a reason that the lady is a gift from the sea, Kyo asks his family not to eat any fish. They then get married in the village. The lady is named SEA.
After several months, they live with peace and prosperity. Many people adores SEA’s beauty and Kyo’s luck of being her husband. Since SEA becomes Kyo’s wife, Kyo’s farm business becomes increased and makes all of the neighbors jealous of them. Until one day, a cat comes to the house and SEA becomes afraid of it. The cat shows its fangs. The fangs are ready to bite SEA’s legs. “Help!” SEA shouts “What’s going on, my dear?” The mother in law asks her. “There’s a beast coming to me!” “No, it’s just a little cat.” Says the mother in law. “It will eat me, mom.” “It’s no way that the little animal will eat you, my dear.” The mother in law laughs. Unpurposely, a neighbor sees and listens to the moment. With his evil thought, he and the other neighbors collect many cats and let them strolling around Kyo’s farm.
“Why is there so many cats?” asks Kyo’s father. “I don’t know.” Says Kyo in confused. The cats enter the farm fiercely and disorder the surroundings. “Why could this happen? This morning a cat frightened SEA. Now there are cats everywhere. Is this because of SEA?” Asks Kyo’s mother in worried. “Is it a curse?” ask Kyo’s father. The cats are approaching SEA. Three of them tries to protect SEA, but the cats attack them fiercely. “Dad…Mom!” Shouts Kyo after seeing his parents wounded. It is all because of you, SEA! The cats want your body!” “Don’t blame her, son.” SEA keeps silent and starts to cry. “It’s because of your fish body! Your daughter in law is actually a fish, Mom. It was my mistake. I brought her here and she becomes a nightmare for our family.” “How could your wife be a fish?” ask Kyo’s mother. She’s a mermaid who took along all fishes to her palace and her legs are gifts from the dragon.”
“Duar..Duar..” Suddenly the sky becomes dark and the wind blows faster. The thunder is hitting the ground. The cats run away. The wave from the sea blows the village out. SEA becomes a mermaid when she touches the sea. She wants to save her husband and mother in law. Then, the dragon comes and says: “He has broken the appointment and mocked you. Now he has to take the consequences. “But he is my husband and they are also my parents. Says the mermaid. “Promise is a promise. Those who break will be punished.” Says the dragon taking the mermaid into the sea base. Then suddenly the sky becomes clear, but the dragon village has blown out by the sea wave. “But the villagers aren’t guilty.” Says the mermaid. “They are those who brought the cats around because of jealousy to your beauty and prosperity.” Says the dragon. “But I want to see my husband.” “I don’t know where has his dead body gone. It’s hard to search him around.” Says the dragon. “I will wait at the river bank, perhaps I will see him there.”
So the mermaid return to the river bank collapsed over a large rock. She faithfully kept waiting for her husband. Until finally there she was petrified and become a new legend for the people who came to the dragon village that had been destroyed. When the village began to be built by the immigrant, the village was named Mermaid Village.
"Allegedly riverside if we wait until midnight to meet and marry a mermaid!" "Really? So let's do it." Finally, the Dragon had been forgotten and only a fairy tale for people who believe in the story of The Mermaid.


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