Minggu, 31 Januari 2016

You Know Who I Am

There will always a farewell day in your Life.
One of them could be your sweet friend's farewell.
We had only 1 year as partner at work place but there's so many memories of what we have passing together.
I did make her hurt many times, I'm sure.
But She never mad to me...
That's my bad.
I'm sorry to my dear friend , maybe I'm not such a good friend.

I Hope you will be happy after get out from that place ^^
Nothing much I can give to you except all this letter from me and all other peoples you know.

My Special Secret Letter For My Special Friend
41 Secret Letters and you have to guess who they are? LoL
All those were Packed on this Plastic Bag
And Here is The Key for All Those Envelopes

I Hope You Happy when you read all the letters v(^_^)v

You Know Who I Am ! 

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