Jumat, 16 Mei 2014

Penang - Part 02

Okay, the First day I spend the time in Hospital.
We were on waiting list since early morning but still, I have to meet Doctor on 10 AM 
After meet the Doctor, I need to take another blood test and the result will bring to Doctor directly.
So I only need to wait again for the result and visit the Doctor on 3 PM.
While on waiting, I spend the time , having chat with friends and... yea I love Hospital Wi Fi LoL.
It's quite hard to get Wi Fi outside the Hospital even they said Penang has free Wifi but I can't access to it , dunno why. 

Then I found my arm (is it arm?) turn into blue cause of the needle which used to take my blood for blood test purpose. Geezz.. I hate when this happen, I still can feels the pain when the needle injected to my arm.
But I'm so Glad when the Doctor told me, I'm Good Now.
No need to take another medicine, antibiotics or whatever else to consumed. Bit confused but I better feels Glad to hear that.

The 2nd day,
We're going to George Town to see Penang's Street Art. But only found some of them.
The weather also very hottttt... I can feels the sun likes burning my skin.

Ice Ball , So Coollll on Hot Weather hehe

Next place Perangi Mall and Gurney Mall 
And The Last things we did on the day is pray on Wat Buppharam , Thai Buddhist Temple on Jalan Perak.
Today, May 13rd, 2014 is Vesakh Day on Malaysia.
While Vesakh Day on Indonesia is on May 15th, 2014
String Bracelet
So, when we visit Wat Buppharam , there is an Vesakh event, There are some Monk give a Bless for us with splashing Holy Water (maybe) on our head and then they tie a string bracelet on our wrist.

Day 3 and 4 I spent most of the time on Hospital accompany my Mom.

and Day 5 , We're going to Khek Lok Si Temple on Air Itam.
We're using Rapid Bus, it takes only 2 RM to reach the temple on bout almost 1 hour (as I remember) quite far. and we have to climb the stone stair while there is some merchant sellin' clothes, accesories and so the other things.
There are Pagoda and some Statue of Buddha over there and Statue of Avalokitesvara.

Ah.. Wishes Tree... I also tried Wishes Tree, we only need to purchase the Wishing ribbon ,1 RM for each ribbon, they has many colors and some wishes written on the ribbon. Then we can hang the ribbons on the Wishes Tree... bit fun, Believe it or Not ? I only hope all my wishes comes true hehehe
Wishing Ribbon

Hang the Ribbon on The Wishes Tree
On the night, we walk to "Pasar Malam" on Batu Jelutong.. It takes bout 10-15 minutes walk..arghh.. we have to walk much hereee... I feels pain on my feet.... 
There are some Hawker selling Hakwer Food , clothes, a
ccesories and so the other too..
Hmm.. yummy Pork Satay and Fish Ball Satay.
There is also chicken snack likes Shilin with no brand and some Tea with many taste and flavors

Well, enough for holiday... we will back to home tomorrow...

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