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About Pisces

Pisces are good at creating beauty in their lives. Ruled by Neptune, Pisceans are sensitive and imaginative, Pisceans can turn their hands to any artistic or craft endeavor and succeed. They love movies, music, painting, and walking along the shore in the twilight. Hopelessly romantic and generous to a fault, they fall in love easily and are very trustworthy, and trusting. Compassionate Pisceans believe life can be as wonderful as their dreams if people would only be nice to each other. Pisceans are happiest when they have created their own universe, and have filled it with people who understand their need for peace and beauty.

The trouble is that Pisceans have no discrimination at all. They are easily deceived by the less scrupulous. Make sure you take off your rose colored glasses, because you won't even see how ugly things get when someone takes advantage of you.

Pisces is also known for their weak constitution. They are shorter than average, and have round faces with large, protruding eyes. They govern the lymphatic system, the feet, and the liver, and as such are prone to a number of illnesses. Excess alcohol should definitely be avoided by Pisces, but given their artistic temperament this advice will usually go unheeded. If female they are also prone to heavy periods.

Pisces is the sign of the artist. Musicians, actors, and particularly visual artists find their place under this sign. Anything involving creativity is in the Piscean domain. Pisceans will either be successful beyond their wildest dreams or poor as churchmice, depending on how willing they are to work hard at their chosen art. A Pisces is generally risk-averse and wouldn't do well at playing the stock market, but they could compose a symphony easily.

Money & Finance
They say that Geminis have two natures in a single personality, but this can easily be said about Pisceans as well, especially when it comes to money. Pisces are prone to both irrational and excessive worrying about money which makes them very budget-conscious and even cheap, and extreme generosity which enables close loved ones to indulge in utmost luxury.

The Fish have trouble balancing these two sides of themselves, and also face a moral conflict in regards to money; they tend to hate money because of the greed it has bred in society, yet they also see it as necessary for their very lofty goals. Pisces must be very careful to sort out their emotions regarding money, and not let emotion get in the way of sound financial planning.

Challenges & Weaknesses
Many love the soft, sweet, compassionate Pisces. But these wily, manipulative fish can twist the facts and often have you feeling sorry for them to do their bidding. Before you know it, you're doing their taxes and running their errands - all because they have a headache. This sign has many addicts and people that overindulge.

Men & Romance
The Pisces man seems ideal to have a romance with. He's thoughtful, caring and very sentimental. The woman who will romance a Pisces man understands that he's also a little bit psychic and very imaginative. She'll know that sometimes things overwhelm him and that she'll need to protect him from that uncle that calls to borrow money from him because he's the soft spot in the family. Or from the neighbor who always asks him to fix things.

Women & Romance
The Pisces woman is very vulnerable to romance: quite frankly she'll believe just about anything you tell her. But she's so sweet and vulnerable you'd feel like a real cad for telling her anything but the absolute truth. A great way to romance a Pisces woman is to show your compassion for others - rescuing a stray cat or helping a charity organization would truly tug at her heartstrings. The Pisces woman sees and feels love everywhere. 

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