Sabtu, 06 Desember 2008


What happen with me?
What’s going on?
Is there somebody can tell me ?
I lost my soul

Should I walking through the darkness ?
Without light without voice
No fearness anymore
I lost my way

The wind touch me
Its so cold
The leaves tell me
I lost my warm

What happen with me?
My heart going to be dark
Is there somebody can help me?
I lost my mind

The cruel become true
The sadness become tears
The heart become a black hole
I lost my heart

I cant see the blue sky
I cant feel the heat of the sunshine
I cant see the star at night
I lost my world

What happen with me?
Should I run away from this way?
The nightmare come to kill me
I lost my dream

I cant hear the laugh beside me
I cant see my smile on my face
I cant talk to anybody
I lost myself

I lost it
I lost all
I’m lost again
I’m lost….

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